Tampere Pass

Pocket full of offers!

What is Tampere Pass

Tampere Pass is a mobile application that provides great offers and discounts to the shops, restaurants and other services located in the city center.

Application is found by name: Tampere. Finland
Awailabile in AppStore and Play store.

Application is available only in google accounts that are located in Finland.

Browse offers and benefit from the discounts

Offers listed in the Tampere Pass have been collected by Tampere Tunnetuksi, a registered association striving to develop the central area of Tampere city.

How to use the offers:

Show the Pass in the shop or restaurant when placing your order or making a purchase The vendor redeems the discount in the application
Offers marked with star icon can be used as many times as you wish
Offers and discounts are valid until 31.12.2020 (unless otherwise mentioned)

More info: passi@tamperetunnetuksi.fi

Tampere Tunnetuksi (established 1965) is a registered association that strives for developing the central area of Tampere city. The association organises events, manages the walking street area of Kuninkaankatu and is marketing the services around the city center.

Members of the association consist of ground floor businesses, building associations, department stores as well as operatives in cultural sector.